Freudian Literary Analysis Lesson Plan

Students will be able to analyze the id, ego, and superego of literary characters and use this knowledge to better understand literature.

: 15 Minutes
Teacher will go through attached powerpoint presentation on Freudian Literary Analysis while students fill out attached worksheet on Id, Ego, and Superego

Activity: 30 minutes

Crayons, colored pencil, whatever tools the student wish to draw with
Their Eyes Were Watching God

Students will work together in groups to express the mental imagery that they experience upon reading Their Eyes Were Watching God. There will be four groups. Each group will be assigned one of four characters from the novel: Logan, Jody, Janie, or Tea Cake. Each group will create three drawings; one scene in which its character’s id is emulated, one for ego, and one for superego. The drawings should include a written explanation (about 3-4 sentences) of how the drawing depicts its respective psychological layer (i.e. id, ego, superego).
Students will be graded upon:

Assessement -
1. Appropriateness of scene choice
-How well do the chosen scenes reflect the psyches of the characters?

2. Expression of id, ego, or superego through drawings
-Are all necessary elements included in the work?

3. Explanation paragraph
-Does the explanation thoughtfully connect the drawing to the Freudian analysis of the scene?

Afterwards students will present their drawings to the class and give a 2 minute presentation about how their drawings relate to the novel.

After the lesson, the teacher and students will discuss the benefit of analyzing the id, ego, and superego of the major characters and how this applies to the understanding of a novel. 
Freudian Literary Analysis Powerpoint
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